Are you unsure if you’re on the right track financially? 

Are you concerned about not having enough money to support you in your later years? 

Would you like to be more engaged with your money and confident in your decisions? 

The Athena Network is a Financial and Life Management firm, led by Lisa Strohm, striving to empower women with financial clarity and confidence. This naturally leads to feelings of power over your life and optimism about your future. We work with you to: 

• Design your Life by Design Plan, to provide greater clarity and confidence in how to live the life you want; 

• Build a Responsible Investment Strategy, to support your specific needs, priorities, and desired lifestyle; 

• Participate in our Confident Women’s Program, designed to engage, enlighten, and empower you in money and life.

In our free introductory phone call, we’ll discuss:

Your current financial and life situation

Your life purpose and priorities, and how to translate them into meaningful financial goals

An overview of planning opportunities and recommendations, and priority of importance

You'll leave the 30-minute call knowing:

Serious deficiencies in your financial situation, if any, and what to do about them

If you've adequately protected your future from the potential impacts of unexpected events

What steps to take to improve and optimize your ability to achieve your financial and life goals

Schedule your free 30-minute introductory phone call today! 

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