Are you a Responsible Woman?

As I began to focus my efforts on engaging women, I realized that most of the clients that are referred to me are responsible women whose lives have been consumed with work and family, often leaving their finances at the bottom of their priority list. But the clock is ticking, and things are changing in their life, causing them to be anxious about their future and how their money will support them. They are ready to step up and become more involved, and want to work with an advisor that makes the process enjoyable.

And it’s interesting, it doesn’t matter whether they come to me after a divorce, the loss of a loved one, retirement, or some other life changing event — they typically all share the same 3 concerns:

  • Am I on the right track?
  • How do I make sure I never run out of money?
  • How can become more engaged with my money and confident in my decisions?

My true purpose is to create an environment that inspires women to become fully engaged in their financial affairs, naturally leading to feelings of power and strength over their lives and optimism about their future.